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American Independence Festival, Exeter, NH

Trying to turn the assembled throng to the righteous cause.

Two Tenth Officers, most impressive!.

Please sir, can I be a Grenadier?

Impromptu fife and drum concert.

The Regiment formed and ready for action!

The "fog of war" along Swasey Parkway.

Redcoats and Rebels, Old Sturbridge Village

Photos courtesy of Ron Richmond, Diane O'Shaughnessy, and Kelsey Brennan.

Colours flying proudly in front of Lt. Col. Falotico's marquis.

Music entertains the crowd.

A little relaxation time in the kitchen.

Last Man Standing Competition. The 10th was well represented. Congratulations to Sjt Mental for his 2nd place finish!


With our two Colonels on the field, what possibly could go wrong?

The end of a great weekend!


Brown's Raid, Ft. Ticonderoga

Photos courtesy of Diane O'Shaughnessy


Red Horse Tavern

Photos by Jack Boudreau



Patriot's Day 2015

"First Shot" at the Battle of Lexington Green.

Video courtesy of Gary Oberbrunner

A well placed shot on the Green.

Confusion among the Officers and men.

Light Infantry retreats from North Bridge, Concord, MA.

Bunker Hill 2015, Epping NH

Fence line along the Bunker Hill reenactment site.

Digging the earth works on the Bunker Hill site with a little 21st century assistance.

Completed earth works along the Bunker Hill reenactment site.

British troops advance up the hill

Grenadiers advance on the 1st charge.

Light Infantry preparing to assault the rail fence.

Grenadiers forming for the 3rd assault.

Light Infantry on the march.

Grenadiers after the 3rd assault

Light Infantry after the battle.

Sunday battle, Light Infantry.

Sunday battle, Grenadiers, waiting, waiting, waiting...

Sunday battle, General Howe (aka Col. O'Shaughnessy).

Anne and Ed in camp.

Spiders, spiders, everywhere spiders.

Charlotte Dunning School

Demonstring the 35-count... Huzzah!

Cpl. Brennan and Pvt. Antar describe the Light Infantry.

Sjt. Lee and Pvt. Murray discussing the Grenadiers.

Drummer Kraytman, Camp Follower Valerie Graves, & Capt. Graves disucss uniforms and life in the army.

July 4th Parade, Needham, MA