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The Grenadier company is the senior component in His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot. Taking their place on the right of line when on parade, Grenadiers act as the showpiece of the regiment. With the adoption of grenades in infantry tactics, armies required soldiers strong enough to throw the weapons and stout enough to maintain their discipline under fire as they slung their muskets, lit their grenades, and timed the throwing such that the enemy could not pick up the grenades and throw them back.

Grenadiers Outside Hartwell Tavern, MMNHP Muster 2022.

Ideally, Grenadiers were at least 6 feet tall, further enhancing their elite status among the regiment’s other soldiers. Over time however, admission to the company also marked a soldier’s proven loyalty and exceptional service. Dangerous action remained the standard for Grenadiers, for even as grenades fell out of fashion by the later 18th century, Grenadiers continued in their role as assault troops

Grenadiers lead the Crown Forces along Battle Road, Patriot's Day 2022.

Grenadiers are set apart by their stature, as well as their bearskin mitre caps, indicative of their grenade-wielding duty. The slogan on their caps, ‘Nec aspera terrent’ (‘Not even harsh things terrify’), affirms their resolve. The soldiers further stand out in the regiment by way of shoulder wings on their coats (typical of a flank company), bright white belting, and brass match cases.

Grenadiers firing at Bunker Hill, 2022

Elite status continues to play a role in Grenadier companies, with the bearskin mitre cap evolving into a tall busby cap, although retaining the black bear fur. Grenadiers are forever associated with the regimental colours, as these elite soldiers serve as the escort for the colours when on the march. The Grenadiers of His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot are eager to show their loyalty.