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The Civilian Corps accompanies His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot to parades, encampments, and school visits to portray the social, political and economic elements of British civilians in the colonies during the 18th century. They portray the wives and families of soldiers, and/or artisans or tradesmen that may have accompanied the military in the colonies.

During encampments, civilians take charge of the kitchen area and food preparation, cooking meals that would have been served in the 1700’s over an open fire pit. There are also demonstrations of fireside cooking, sewing and the general basics of living in a military encampment. While supporting the regiment, civilians still have the option to view battles, visit other camps, shop at the sutlers that set up at an encampment, or work on a special project. Civilians also help visitors to these events understand the clothing of the period and explain the work that goes into creating an authentic 18th century outfit. Encampments are part of the ‘living history’ aspect of representing 18th century military camp life, but we also carry forward some 21st century ideas of food safety, nutrition and ideas of cooperative duties shared by all participants.

The major theme of the regimental re-enactment program is the military impression. His Majesty's 10th Regiment of Foot has set a standard for authenticity that is envied and emulated by other regiments. The civilians associated with the 10th Foot carry out authenticity of impression with the same high standards and attention to detail used by the soldiers of the 10th Foot.

There are many resources for learning about impressions which civilians may adopt for their role in the regiment It is recommended that civilians begin by visiting us during an encampment or monthly drill to find out more about the details involved in building their impressions (particularly before investing in ‘period correct’ clothing).

Civilian CorpsThe Schedule of Events for the 10th Regiment includes parades, encampments/battles, monthly drills and other special visits. In each case there is a role for the civilian corps.

Being part of the Civilian Corps of His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot means spending time with people who love history, portraying history from a point of view not often represented, and bringing history to life for the members of the regiment and the public who attend our events. Sharing a love of history with fellow members and visitors is an amazing and fulfilling way to keep history alive for generations to come.