"We were founded Fifty years ago and have a long standing tradition of military excellence. There is a position in our Ranks for You!"

Lt. Colonel Falotico


In the fall of 2000 I joined the 10th Regiment after several years of watching the redcoats engage the militia on Lexington Green and at the North Bridge. Having moved to New England six years earlier, my daughter and I, along with her new friend from school began to learn more about the 10th in those early years of being spectators on Lexington green. It became a sort of tradition of ours to go to Lexington each Patriots Day, watch the green reenactment, have breakfast at the Colonial Inn, and then watch the North Bridge ceremonies.

Soon it became clear to us that the best seat in the house would be on the green with these magnificently equipped and disciplined soldiers of His Majesty 10th Regiment of Foot rather than jockeying for a view each April among thousands of other spectators surrounding the green on Patriots Day morning.

But, we wondered, how do we join? Did we have the drive to meet the expectations of this group? Would we be accepted? We began to attend the 10ths drills every month and realized that this was a great group of people who enjoyed what they were doing and were very serious about authenticity and historic representation. This was exactly what we were looking for.

Bob & AlleyIronically my daughter joined the 10th first and since she had been studying flute at school was assigned to the Music Corps as a fifer. Next it was my turn to “put up or shut up”. So I too filled out a membership application and was also accepted as a musician, a drummer, thinking that being in the same company with my daughter would make perfect sense. However, I had not played the drum for over 20 years and realized this was going to be very interesting indeed.

Luckily, prior to the end of my second full season, the regiment realized that drumming was not my forte and reassigned me to the Light Infantry Company as a Private soldier. By the way, my daughter’s friend had also joined as a bugler in the Lights.

As they say the rest has been history. The fourteen years I have been with the regiment have been the most fulfilling and enjoyable with any organization I have been a part of. Beyond the friendships and wonderful life experiences I have shared with others in this hobby, I have also had the opportunity to visit magnificent historic sites throughout the east coast of North America, including Historic Quebec.

In addition, experiencing this with my daughter from when she was 11 years old and still to this day with her and her new husband as civilian reenactors with the 10th, and my wife who is also now a civilian with the 10th, has been fantastic. Oh yea, and my daughter’s friend is now a Corporal in the Lights, the first female NCO ever in the 10th.

So, if you are interested in historic 18th century battle reenactments, military parades, developing lifelong friendships, and seek fame and fortune serving in His Majesty’s Army, check out the 10th at one of our monthly drills, or at an upcoming reenactment.

We were founded Fifty years ago and have a long standing tradition of military excellence. There is a position in our Ranks for You !

Lieutenant Colonel Robert J. FaloticoColonel Falotico
Officer Commanding