• 20th: Military Exercise
  • 25th: Memorial Day Parade - Andover
  • 30-31st: Bunker Hill, Epping NH
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    Return - 30 April 2015

    Army List - December 2014

    19 November 2014

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    20 May 2005

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    9 February 2008

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    30 July 2003



    The 10th Regiment of Foot is a historically re-created unit formed to portray the service of the British Army in America during the American War for Independence. Composed of two types of soldier --- Grenadiers and Light Infantry --- the members of the 10th are accurately uniformed and equipped, and we are trained in 18th century military drill so that we appear in public exactly as a British soldier would have been seen over 225 years ago.

    You are invited to browse through this web site and learn more about the 10th Foot. And if you are good enough, have the time and the dedication maybe you too can become part of America's premier re-created British Regiment. Click this link for directions to our next Military Drill and get full instructions on when and where you can join the 10th Foot.







    RO-01-15-015 Advancement and Changes

    RO-04-12-014 Appointments and

    RO-12-11-013 Appointments, Changes                      and Preferments


    SO-02-13-013 Issuance and Buy-Back of Kit


    The nation that will insist upon
    drawing a broad line of
    demarcation between the fighting
    man and the thinking man is
    liable to find its fighting done by
    fools and its thinking
    done by cowards.

    The more you sweat in training,
    the less you bleed in war.

    Motto: US Navy SEALs

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